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In 2008, a national conference, National Conference on Emerging Trends in Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Utilization (NCETPEGU) was organized at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India It was well attended by the world-known experts in the field of photovoltaic science and technology. It was then declared that solar photovoltaic is destined to become the technology of future electricity generation. There were a few concerns.  Low efficiency of solar cells, the high price of solar systems, high tariff, grid parity and electricity boards (Discoms) reluctance of connecting solar to grid fearing its instability. In 10 years,  solar cells’ efficiency has improved significantly, 380-400 Wp solar modules are available, solar prices have plummeted to 1/3, parity to the grid already achieved with the tariff as low as Rs.2.44 /unit and likely to decrease further. Discoms and electricity regulation bodies are now confident of the quality of solar electricity. India is proud of putting large grid interfaced solar farms, the world biggest solar plant of more than 600 megawatts at one place. 20 GW target of solar installations by 2022 set under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission has already been surpassed and the nation is now gearing up to achieve a revised target of 100 GW. World over, large solar power plants are coming up. Solar is set to be a disruptive technology likely to replace fossil fuel, polluting coal-based thermal power plants in the near future.

During the last few years, we have been working in solar cells, solar system design, ground and rooftop installation, and performance evaluation. We have the knowledge base, experience and motivation to do substantive work in the field of solar, lighting and energy efficiency evaluation. Ikjot Energy International Private Limited provides quality solutions in the field of solar engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, solar lighting, a consultancy in performance evaluation of solar power plants & green buildings. Investigative research is taken up to help improve electricity generation and the life span of solar systems. To sustain, a model mix of academic and commercial pursuits with the best ethics of trade is followed.

During the Covid19 pandemic time, solar activity was reduced. To sustain the company and keep our staff engaged, we decided to start a parallel activity in the e-commerce space. There is a great need and scope of supplying daily needs to home bound people. IKShop, an online store was launched on Google Play store and web site www.ikshop.in started functioning.  The app has been built in house. This gave opportunity to our staff to learn and practice the art of launching and maintaining our own online store.

Being new in the field of e-commerce, we have taken few conscious decisions. First, we decided to serve in limited area just about 15 km radius from our place. It gives us chance to make delivery faster and serve better. Also, we are able to maintain our own delivery system and thus have an access to direct feedback from our customers. Second, we shall keep our profit margin lowest possible but sustainable. Third, presently our product inventory is general household items as to find larger customer base. Later, we may bring specialized products like solar systems, electronic items, cell phones, televisions, toys etc. within the scope our online store. Fourth, delivery is made free for senior citizens since senior people have been hit hardest in the pandemic time. Fifth, delivery is made free for all above a threshold limit of Rs.400.

Our motto is “Vocal for Local”. We shall find ways to promote our local producers.


Dr. R.S Anand

Dr. RS Anand worked as Chief Research Engineer and Consultant in EE, IIT Kanpur. He was the Coordinator of the Semiconductor Device Fabrication Lab, Solar Energy Research Enclave (SERE) and Roof Top solar inside the institutional area of IITK from 2000 to 2015. He was involved in R&D of organic LEDs, polymer photo-diode, polymer solar cells, silicon photo-detector, solar cells, high voltage BJTs, rectifier and other devices. Numbers of discrete devices and modules of 7-segment displays and polymer solar cell modules were developed. The field performance evaluation system for five different solar technologies at SERE and roof top solar systems having high and normal efficiency solar module components were established under sponsored and institutional projects. The work has been published in various journals and presented in different national and international conferences and symposium. List of cited publication is available at Research Gate . To popularize and disseminate knowledge related to solar photovoltaic and LEDs, four national, international conferences, seminars were organized. The fourth conference, International Conference on Energy Efficient LED Lighting & Solar Photovoltaic Systems was organized at IIT Kanpur from 27-29 March 2014.

Senior Project Manager


Vikram Singh has completed his post-graduation in 2018 from IIT Roorkee He worked on Pollution abatement in sugar cane Industry for his M. Tech. dissertation. Then, he started a startup related to solar energy. In the process, he has learned about the design and sizing in the field of solar, hydro and green building, energy efficiency simulation. He has studied courses on energy conservation & management, climate change, project formulation, and implementation. and also done auditing and techno-economical analysis of Renewable systems. He did his B.E. in the field of Industrial & Production Engineering from JEC Jabalpur.


Christopher Brand


Jasmine Rose

Marketing manager

Boyezk Riadd

Operations manager


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