Glutenfree High Fibre Missi Roti Flour 500 GM



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Glutenfree High Fibre Missi Roti Flour, No Rice, No Soya, No Wheat

Ingredients : Jowar, Maize, Ragi
Chickpea, Psyllium Husk,
Termeric, Chilli powder, Cummin
Seeds, Dried Fenugreek, Salt

At GEGGLE we strongly believe that healthy, nutritious and delicious food is not a choice but an
imperative. We recognize the need for a robust, sustainable and easily available Gluten Free market
and passionately work towards it. We aspire to improve individual Quality of Life for larger benefit
of the society by offering products which are not only an enriching gluten free alternative, but also
boosts and nurtures healthy growth and lifestyle

Best Before : Monday January 8th, 2024



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